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Cultivating Inner Peace in a Busy World

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An inner peace state is typically characterized by low-arousal positive feelings and a sense of stability or balance. Positive feelings associated with calmness, serenity, and contentment are different from high-arousal emotions like excitement or euphoria. In this state, there is an even-temperedness that guards against extreme emotional responses that can result in addictions and aggression.

Research has identified various descriptors for inner peace, including peaceful, calm, balanced, and settled. Attributes and characteristics underlying inner peace encompass factors like relationships, personal virtues such as compassion and empathy, social virtues like tolerance and forgiveness, acceptance, spirituality, optimism, connection with nature, physical health, stable finances, and physical activity.

Certain habits and practices may contribute to the cultivation of inner peace. For example:

  • Gardening offers physical benefits, fosters a connection with nature, and encourages patience and acceptance of outcomes beyond one's control. 
  • Meditation promotes mindfulness and non-reactive acceptance of experiences. 
  • Practicing gratitude enhances positive emotions and peace of mind; and,
  • Regular yoga practice can increase inner peace by promoting mindfulness and focus on the present moment.

In my personal purpose statement which I wrote in 2001 and it is as relevant to me today as it was then. In that statement, I specifically reference “living with a sense of inner peace.” For me, that sense of inner peace, that calm, balance and settled feeling, manifests itself when I’m living true to my values. If something…actually anything in my life, is out of sync with my core values, I inevitably don’t feel a sense of inner peace. 

In essence, inner peace is characterized by enduring contentment and balance irrespective of external circumstances. While it requires intentional cultivation through mindful living, the rewards of inner peace, such as calmness and peacefulness endure through life's ups and downs and keep us balanced.

How do you describe a sense of inner peace for yourself? What do you need to do to attain inner peace?

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