Our Core Values

  • Lifelong Learning

    A commitment to continuous personal and professional development, fostering a culture where acquiring knowledge and skills is a perpetual journey

  • Innovation

    A dynamic environment that welcomes and integrates new ideas, ensuring our learning solutions continually evolve to deliver optimal efficiency and effectiveness.

  • Harmony

    A commitment to cultivating harmonious working environments by providing tailored micro-learning solutions that promote effective communication, mutual understanding, and continuous professional development, fostering a collaborative and positive atmosphere within organizations.

  • Professionalism

    Our unwavering commitment to being perceived as not only competent, reliable, and respectful by our clients, but also as a trusted partner delivering high-quality, innovative and cost-effective learning solutions that exceed expectations.

"The illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read and write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn, and relearn."

Alvin Toffler


Sophie Mathewson, PCC

"Since becoming a professional life and executive coach in the early 2000's, my goal has always been to help create and sustain win-win employer-employee relationships in organizations.

My passion for lifelong learning always inspired me to seek opportunities to expand my perspective and knowledge. A conference was the only learning opportunity I had each year during my first career. Every year I looked forward to it. Certainly, it was a treat to go away for a few days; however, what I most looked forward to was learning new things. I always came back with new ideas, energized and excited to implement what I learned.

In the next phase of my life, I learned through experience. As a sole proprietor of a small service business, I had limited resources at my disposal. The lessons I learned were all in real time. I didn't have a coach, it wasn't a thing back then. The school of hard knocks taught me a lot in those years.

I eventually sold that business and began my transition/transformation to becoming a coach. I trained first as a personal coach, then as an executive corporate coach, and then learned about highly validated research-based assessments and became certified in them. By 2005, I had completed the required number of coach training hours and the required number of coaching hours to apply for the International Coaching Federation PCC (Professional Certified Coach) designation. It was exciting to be on the leading edge of the coaching profession in Canada as one of the first 100 coaches to attain the PCC designation. You could say I evolved into who I was meant to be.

As a lifelong learner, I have not stopped. Whether it's recertifying my PCC certification every three years, or renewing my assessment certifications every three years, I am always learning. It doesn't stop there. I also learn from my clients. My clients' growth has helped me grow too.

I am thrilled to now provide you some of the same resources that have helped my clients achieve positive results over the years. During the design and development of digitamicrolearning.ca, my purpose was to: make readily accessible and easily digestible e-learning resources available to a wide audience, provide a safe environment for community discussion, and further facilitate internalization with the aid of a live virtual coach. I also wanted to provide resources for the whole person - not just the 9-5 worker.

With decades of experience working with municipalities, not-for-profits, and NGOs, I understand how challenging it can be to maximize learning and development budgets. I'm excited to offer you an micro learning solution that meets the needs of your workforce at any stage of their careers.

Our platform allows learners to engage in individual learning, work with a learning partner, or even create groups or challenges to improve their knowledge and equip them with new tools. As well as having tools to help them develop themselves, leaders and managers can quickly access essential foundational skills-building tools and workplace competency resources to help them coach their direct reports.

I would be delighted to discuss how our digitalmicrolearning.ca microlearning resources can be integrated into your organization. Get in touch today to discuss your needs and explore how we can help."