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Foundations micro courses


(The) Art of Cultivating Lasting Relationships

# of Lessons = 4

Relationships are one of the most important foundations in our lives.

Having good relationships leads to happiness, fulfillment, opportunities, comfort, and support.

During difficult times, our relationships help to keep us grounded. Our personal lives and careers thrive when we have strong, supportive relationships. Strong relationships help enable us to maximize our potential.

Building strong, nurturing relationships is key to our success and happiness...

...yet we are left guessing how best to foster intimacy, partnership, and community in building lasting relationships.

It is all too easy for us to take our relationships for granted.

In our interactions with our supervisor, a coworker, a friend, a family member or a significant other… we tend to get comfortable with the relationship as it currently is. All too often we take our relationships for granted…and we rationalize that by saying we’re too busy, they’re likely too busy…there’s someone else that will help them… Despite our best intentions, we fail to actively work at deepening our connection with the other person.

This results in miscommunications, an increasing wedge or distance, and sometimes even hurt feelings. Eventually, the relationship may feel stagnant, unfulfilling, or even challenging.

The result is that it can seem like there are no solutions when these problems arise.

This is where relationship-building skills come into play - skills anyone can learn...


Creativity Booster

# of Lessons = 5

How come we are never formally taught how to become more creative?

Our ability to generate new ideas, develop them, and bring them to life is crucial to leading the life we want...yet, we're inundated with habits, routines, and belief systems that squash our creativity.

By the time we reach adulthood, most of us no longer believe we're creative.

Some go about their lives saying to themselves, “I’m not a creative person, I’m not good at generating new ideas” or “I could never be an artist.” Or, “How can they expect me to just come up with ideas like that? It’s not like I’m a creative person. I’m an accountant for goodness sake!”

We’ve been taught to believe that creativity is something you’re born with… or not.

The concept of right-brained and left-brained people, and myths of the creative geniuses out there who have always been artists, or performers, or writers have permeated our belief system. In addition, we're led to believe that if we are rational, logical, structured, strategic, or scientific we certainly don’t have a creative bone in our bodies.

And all of that is just - Plain - Wrong.



Get it Done: Bring Your Ideas to Life

# of Lessons = 4

Have you ever felt like you have lots of great ideas but never really see them go through the finish line?

Do you have a lot of projects on the go and not seeing much progress on any of them? If so, know that it happens to lots of people. And… it’s not a work problem, it’s a focus problem.

The ability to concentrate fully on what you want to achieve, and work toward a goal until it’s completed, may be one of the most important skills you will ever learn…It will help you at work, with your hobbies, and in your personal life.

The process of moving from an idea to implementation can be long and difficult. That’s probably why most ideas—even very good ones— die quick deaths. It’s lack of follow-through, caused by lack of focus.

Stuff gets in the way and, even our own brains conspire to make it difficult for us to see a project through to completion.


Go for Your Goals

# of Lessons = 5

If you've tried unsuccessfully to achieve your biggest dreams...

...or if you've made the mistake of thinking that you can't successfully set and achieve big goals... are not at fault.

The psychology of motivation and success has been studied for years, and psychologists know the science behind it.

The problem is that most people who give goal-setting advice adopt these scientific insights piece-meal. They take an idea here, a strategy there -- and they end up with an incomplete goal-setting system that doesn’t work consistently.

What you’ve been missing is a SYSTEM that will help you choose inspiring goals, ignite your momentum, maintain your motivation, and persist until you reach your goals.


Good Habits That Stick

# of Lessons = 5

Just think about how long you’ve tried to eliminate bad habits... things like snacking at night when you shouldn’t… sleeping in too often… not following through on the things you said you’d do…

If you’ve struggled to achieve what you want…

If you have felt frustrated about not taking action on what you know you need to do?

And if you want to finally put an end to self-sabotaging “bad habits” and replace them with good habits that will help you achieve your goals and dreams…

Then you’re in the right place.

Sometimes, bad habits aren’t so obvious. We likely don’t even realize some tiny action we’re taking is sabotaging our success.

It's your approach that's the problem here - not you. You’ve probably used the same approach over and over to no avail. There is another way…

What can me all the difference for you is a counterintuitive approach to letting go of bad habits.



(The) Master Strategist

# of Lessons = 6

If you've been struggling to move the needle on your biggest challenges (no matter how many courses you take, books you read, or programs you follow)’s not your fault.

You’ve been working hard and taking action. You are NOT the problem.

The problem is that you get lots of advice from people who claim to have the ONE perfect solution to your business bottlenecks. But no matter what they claim (and no matter how well their method works for some people), there is NO one-size-fits-all solution that guarantees you more income or more customers.

The REAL solution is to figure out what’s right for YOUR business situation and develop a plan that will take you where you want to go.

And to do that, you need strategy.

Strategic thinking is crucial to being successful but most of us misunderstand what strategy really is.

True strategy isn’t obtained and applied to a problem from the outside. It's about developing a set of thinking skills that let you solve your problems from the inside out.

What you need are those thinking skills -- the ones that help you identify your options, make great decisions, and develop a rock-solid strategy that actually moves you toward your goals.


Navigate Challenging Times Calmly & Confidently

# of Lessons = 6

Perception is everything when it comes to challenges.

When you feel something is hard, it IS hard. When you feel something is easy, it IS easy.

It's for this reason that athletes spend so much time training. As a result, their perception “hard is” changes. Running one mile may be a challenge for someone who is new to running. For a serious runner, however, a mile-long run is nothing more than a warmup.

We all know the importance of training when it comes to physical fitness…

...but when it comes to mental and emotional challenges we often overlook it.

Nevertheless, facing hard times and challenging situations is similar to facing physical challenges: if you've trained for them, it'll feel easier for you and you'll be stronger.

This is why practicing mental toughness is important, even if you are naturally strong and resilient. Even the most daunting challenges can be handled with calm and confidence if you train yourself to handle tough times gracefully.

Training can make the difference between suffering a temporary setback and having your life shattered. This can mean the difference between a blossoming career and one that becomes stagnant. In short, it can mean the difference between success and failure.



(The) Path to Leadership

# of Lessons = 5

There’s an old African proverb that says:

If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.

And you know what? It’s absolutely 100% true!

Because going it alone can be hard or even impossible if you want to achieve your biggest goals and dreams.

It's rare to be able to accomplish your goals by yourself. Most often, you'll need others to help you get where you want to go.

That's why developing effective leadership skills is so important.

The ability to inspire and lead others is crucial to achieving your full potential - both in business and in life.

Look at all of history's great accomplishments, and you'll see great leaders behind them. These achievements were not achieved on their own by one person.

The majority of people think that either you are born with leadership skills or you aren't.

That simply isn't true.

As with any skill, leadership is no exception. Learning and practicing leadership abilities can be learned and applied fairly quickly.

In The Path to Leadership, you learn what it really takes to be a leader who is respected and trusted by those around you.


(The) Power of Powerful Listening

# of Lessons = 6

Wouldn't it be great if you could eliminate a large chunk of unnecessary problems in your life?

If difficult relationships with loved ones… could instead be more open and trusting;

If communication issues at work... could be reduced so you and your colleagues can boost your productivity and satisfaction at work.

Or if there is a conflict… it could actually be resolved.

We know it might sound like magic... or make-believe… but we assure you, it’s very real. The solution we’re talking about is: Listening skills.

You see, most people consider themselves to be good listeners. But the truth is, listening skills are something you have to learn and work at if you truly want to be a good listener. This is not something that comes naturally to most people.

In “The Power of Powerful Listening" micro course, we will show you how to easily and quickly become a better listener, so you can start your journey to a better life today.


(A) Productivity Master's Guide

# of Lessons = 5

Get More of What You Want - With Less Time and Effort!

You may feel as if you are always busy...

Feeling constantly stressed and overwhelmed, and frustrated that you can't get a moment to yourself?

Then read the following message carefully.

Today you're going to learn why you don't have time to do the important things, in spite of all the productivity advice you've read.

There's a good chance you've tried them all, from planners to apps to courses. Yet, it doesn’t seem to stick.

It’s not you -- it’s these methods that just don’t work.

Most people would have you believe that productivity is all about managing your time better. They would have you believe that productivity relies on getting more done in less time.

That’s simply not true.



Stop Procrastinating

# of Lessons = 4

Does this sound familiar? A new and exciting project comes along and you are ready to tackle it. You imagine how wonderful it will be when you’re finished! And so, you begin planning how you will meet the deadline.

Within the next few days, you find it difficult to stay motivated to work on the project. You're unsure what to do, or whether you're heading in the right direction. Maybe you start doing some "research," which turns into hours of web browsing, Facebook checking, news reading, and weather checks...

As the days pass, you become anxious and fall behind. Yet, you can't seem to get started again. Where has your enthusiasm gone? It feels as if a heavy weight is hanging over your shoulders as the deadline looms.

This is the negative power of procrastination! Self-defeating behaviors include putting off tasks until the last minute, allowing yourself to get distracted, and ignoring the essentials.